RENT a recreational vehicle
100% electric

Watt Up! reinvents recreational vehicle rentals in Martinique, on land and at sea, with a resolutely innovative approach! The common denominator? 100 % electric. Get off the beaten track, rent a trendy vehicle and escape to Martinique’s coastline and roads.



The origin of our project is based on a dual approach

Our offering blends 100% electric vehicles to rent with original itineraries on land and at sea, so that this experience is also an “escape” off the beaten track. To this, we add a pinch of conviviality by offering a catering service with gourmet baskets for picnics, convivial aperitifs, etc.





Responsible: with a 100% electric concept

Full of adventure: with original itineraries

Fun: discovering the island’s hidden treasures while having a good time

Pleasant: combining trips and culinary pleasures

Easy: for everyone, with friends, family, as a couple or between colleagues

Safe: “discovery” trails that have been tested and labeled, new vehicles

Discover our products & services
On land and at sea

Our heart sways between blue and green.


— At sea —

The offer is organized around 3 main boats that do not require a license: the BBQ Boat, the OBIBOAT and the COSTO 2.0.


— On land —

The E-moke car, the Geco scooter, the Coco Cruiser or SXT 1000 electric scooters and “Fatbikes” for adults, teens or foldable.

At sea
100% electric
A top priority for Watt Up!

At WATT UP! the team in charge of welcoming you is made up of certified specialized professionals who have several years of experience. Our vehicles and boats are new or recent, licensed, insured and inspected regularly. They are equipped with GPS and trackers. We have all the insurances required for the activities we offer.

At WATT UP!, we make every effort to ensure your safety during your discovery activities.

If anything were to happen, WATT UP! has a boat for quick interventions and a safety vehicle on shore. We work closely with the various State services, in particular the Directorate of Maritime Affairs, but also the police department. From the time you arrive, leave for your trip until your return, our team strives to give you a pleasurable and relaxing time with with maximum professionalism.



Whether you are spending time with family or friends,
we offer you a kind of freedom that it completely original and safe!

On land
100% electric
Explore our original itineraries
and enjoy our meal baskets on land and at sea

Watt Up! is not settling for vehicle rentals alone.

We have come up with discovery & escape routes that are completely original and adapted to the vehicle rented.

We have tested and validated all of them to ensure your total safety.


We also offer ancillary services to facilitate the logistics of our customers’ stay:

We have designed individual meal baskets and collective aperitif baskets that you can order when making your reservation.


Experience a 100% plugged-in Martinique


• Escape guaranteed

• Environment respected,

• Conviviality assured

Who is Watt Up for!?

Our offers are for everyone, whether you live in Martinique or are tourists from elsewhere.


Boats can be rented without a license, just like for scooters and bicycles.

For the E-MOKE and the Scooters, a driver license (B or AM) is required.


We also have solutions for companies:

Promotional operations, works councils, leisure and business tourism professionals.


Send us your request, we will find a solution that meets your needs!


How can you rent a vehicle with Watt Up?
It's easy!

We offer a range of useful solutions to book your vehicle or your trip before your stay if you come from abroad, or on site for Martinique residents and tourists who are passing through.

On site at Marin, the public is welcome and reservations can be made directly.



Access all our online offers with just one click; reserve and pay with just 2.




All online transactions are secure at Watt Up!




Our rates are very accessible for all budgets, starting at €20 to rent a bike for half a day.





All our vehicles are rented for at least half a day, a day or more.