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These conditions are intended for consumers who have full legal capacity. These conditions apply to all orders that you will place on this site or at our rental base.

These rental conditions are concluded between the lessor, WATT UP, and the renter of a vehicle or a boat mentioned in the contract; they accept the terms and conditions without reserve. We recommend that you read the following information. In case of non-compliance with the general rental conditions, the insurance contracts will be inapplicable as well as the rental in its entirety. In the event of theft or damage to the vehicle/vessel, you will be liable for up to its market value or compensation in the event of damage, as well as the costs associated with its inactivity, if applicable.
These conditions are presented in English, while the originals are in French.


The renter or lessee must be at least 21 years old. An original piece of identification will be required when taking control of the vehicle/vessel, a copy of which will be attached to your rental file (ID card, passport)

For the E-MOKE: the driver must have had a driver license for at least 2 years.

For all Scooters: the driver must be at least 14 years old and have had his/her BSR road safety certificate for at least 6 months (for a scooter).

Restricted licenses or a declarations of loss or theft do not entitle you to rent a vehicle.

You declare on your honor that your driver license/BSR is valid, that it is not subject to any suspension, restriction or cancellation. The original of the driver license/BSR will be requested when you take responsibility of the vehicle. A copy of the front and back will be attached to your rental file.
The conditions will be the same for additional drivers designated on the contract.

The General Terms and Conditions of the Rental forbid a person not designated in the rental contract to operate the helm, steering wheel or handlebars (except for bicycles). You will be responsible for any consequences that may result, including the possibility of answering to WATT UP for damages caused by You and/or an unauthorized person.

In this case, the unauthorized person will not be covered by the guarantees of the insurance contract signed by WATT UP. We remind you that you must comply with the rules of navigation that are given to you and/or the rules of the road.


The amounts of the rent are payable in euros. Payments in foreign currency are not accepted.
To book online on the website/mobile app Wattup.fr, you can pay by:


Bank card
Payment is made on the secure banking servers of our partner, BRED Martinique. This implies that no banking information about you passes through our site. Payment by credit card is perfectly secure; your order will be registered and validated upon acceptance of payment by the bank you have chosen. The credit or bank card used to pay for the rental must be in the name of the primary or additional driver specified on the contract. They undertake to pay jointly and in accordance with Articles 1200 and following of the Civil Code.


Holiday e-vouchers
At our base, you can pay by credit card, cash or holiday vouchers.
Whatever the method of payment, we reserve the right to make any necessary verification and to consent or not to rent.


The rate is a package per period of 3 hours for half a day and 8 hours for a non-dividable day. WATT UP tolerates a delay of 29 minutes on the departure and return of the vehicle/vessel, at the pick-up point and within the opening hours of the Base. After this period, and for every half-day started late, WATT UP will charge you an additional half-day on the rental and the options chosen.


The rate includes:
Third-party liability and third party accident insurance;

24-hour technical assistance (towing and/or replacement of a vehicle; replacement will be possible within our replacement capacity and the replacement vehicle may not match the same characteristics as the original vehicle rented) in case of immobilization from a breakdown, accident or fire. This assistance is not valid in case of immobilization due to the loss of keys or badges, vehicle locked with the keys inside, battery discharged due to an error or a flat tire.


The equipment:
The following equipment is made available to you and is mandatory:

  • For bikes (Vélo à Assistance Electrique): helmet (<12 years old), vest
  • Fro all scooters: helmet, gloves, vest
  • For the E-moke: safety kit (yellow vest and warning triangle)
  • For boats: safety equipment, lifejackets
  • Optional equipment: GPS, top-case for scooters, child booster for E-moke, anti-theft device, etc., pending availability.


To pick up the vehicle, you must go to the WATT UP base desk (renter and additional driver if applicable) where the rental agreement will be signed.


Documents needed:
A valid piece of ID (ID card, passport) (must be originals).
Your valid driver license/BSR (must be originals) respecting the rules specified in 1.
A credit card in the name of the renter or additional driver, under the conditions mentioned in 2.


Obligations with respect to the vehicle:
You and/or the Driver must return the Vehicle/Vessel and its keys, accessories and documents to WATT UP at the specified times and dates and in the condition that WATT UP provided at the beginning of the rental period and during opening hours. If you do not return the vehicle in the manner stipulated above, WATT UP may take all necessary measures described in these General Conditions and in particular in paragraph 3 (Rental).

You must drive the Vehicle/Vessel reasonably and in accordance with all applicable traffic laws and regulations, operating, navigation and safety instructions. You must ensure that you and/or the driver know all applicable local driving rules. For boats, you must respect the defined navigation area.

You must ensure that any baggage or merchandise carried in the Vehicle/Vessel is sufficiently secure as to not damage the Vehicle/Vessel or to pose a risk to passengers.

You must take care of the Vehicle/Vessel with the utmost care as if it were your own and, under all circumstances, ensure that it is locked and protected by its anti-theft devices when parked/moored or left without oversight.

You must never drive the Vehicle/Vessel when you are under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, other illegal drugs or any other substance (whether legal or illegal) which is likely to impair your ability to drive or that of any driver.

You must recharge the Vehicle/Vessel before it reaches 10%. You will be responsible for all costs incurred for the transfer of the Vehicle and/or the repair of the damage caused to it (damage to the Vehicle).

You may not use the Vehicle/Vessel or allow the Vehicle/Vessel to be used for the following purposes:

  • to re-rent, mortgage, sell or otherwise pledge it; this applies not only to the vehicle or any part of it but also to the Rental Agreement, the keys, documentation, equipment, instruments and/or any of its accessories;
  • to transport passengers for a fee or for any other remuneration (for carpooling purposes for example)
  • to transport more people than you have been specifically instructed;
  • to transport flammable and/or dangerous goods, toxic, harmful and/or radioactive products or those which go against the legal provisions in force (please note that this exclusion does not prevent you from satisfying needs of everyday life which do not go against the legal provisions in force and whose transport would correspond to a normal use of the Vehicle/Vessel rented).
  • to transport goods whose weight, quantity and/or volume exceed those allowed by licensing and/or the technical control report of the vehicle.
  • to perform races, go off-roading, conduct reliability or speed tests or to participate in rallies, competitions, try-outs, regardless where they take place, or wether they are official or not.
  • to transport live animals (with the exception of pets and/or domestic animals).
  • to give driving lessons or for accompanied driving,
  • to push or pull another Vehicle/Vessel or caravan.
  • to use in land or sea routes not authorized by WATT UP.
  • to commit an intentional offense, in the lanes prohibited to the public traffic in ports, airports and/or airfields and/or any place of similar nature not accessible to the public, or in refineries and premises of oil companies, without the express prior consent of WATT UP.


During the rental, you must take all necessary protective measures to keep the Vehicle/Vessel in the same condition as that in which you took possession of it. In particular, you are required to carry out the usual checks relating to the condition of the Vehicle/Vessel, such as checking the tire pressure and the load of the Vehicle/Vessel.
You may be liable toward WATT UP for any breach of the above obligations. Be aware that a failure to comply with the obligations mentioned above may limit any right to compensation for damage that you may have claimed.


As the renter of the vehicle, you are financially and criminally responsible for all infractions of the applicable driving, parking and anchorage rules. As a result, you are responsible for any infractions that occur as a result of driving and/or using the vehicle in a manner that goes against applicable driving and parking rules. Otherwise, WATT UP will share your contact information with the competent authorities.



The security deposit. In addition to the rental price (which you have either prepaid at the time of the booking or when picking up the Vehicle/Vessel), WATT UP asks you to leave a deposit. Its purpose is to serve as a guarantee against the deterioration of the rented property or the loss of object attributable to the renter and not covered by the insurance (these elements will be estimated at the posted price).

This deposit is in the form of a bank pre-authorization or cash of the same amount or a check with ID.

If you reserved your Vehicle/Vessel from a remote location (through a website or mobile application), you will have been reminded of the amount of the deposit in the confirmation email sent to you following your booking. In any case, you will be reminded of the amount in the agency.

WATT UP may charge you various fees and allowances that WATT UP may apply in the event of incidents that may occur during the Rental Period and/or because of the manner in which you have used the Vehicle/Vessel. The prices (tax included) of these expenses and these allowances can be consulted at the agency.
These fees include:

  • Administrative costs for Fines. Please note that these administrative costs are due in addition to the fine they are charged for and you are fully responsible for the payment of these fines.
  • Vehicle/Vessel cleaning fee if returned in a state that would prohibit it from being rented.
  • Cost of lost or stolen key.


Les « Dommages » au Véhicule/Navire (tout Dommage physique ou acte de vandalisme) et/ou « Vol du Véhicule/Navire » (le vol du Véhicule /Navire lui-même ou d’accessoires et/ou la tentative de vol du Véhicule/Navire ou de tout accessoire). Les Frais administratifs de traitement des Dommages causés au Véhicule/Navire.



The renter and/or the additional driver, in accordance with article 1, undertake to participate as insured under an insurance policy, a copy of which is available to the renter at the WATT UP base counter.

Additionally, WATT UP undertakes to take all the necessary measures to protect the interests of the renter and his/her insurance company, in the event of an accident during the term of this rental contract and, in particular:

  • to declare in writing (amicable report) to the lessor within a maximum of 24 hours, any accident, theft or even partial fire and jointly with the authorities any bodily injury or theft. The Vehicle/Vessel that crashes into another Vehicle/Vessel undertakes to submit a report (amicable report).
  • the following should appear in the report: the circumstances, date and place of the accident, the name and address of the witnesses, the name and address of the owner of the opposing vehicle, the registration number of the vehicle of the opposing party, the name of his/her insurance company and the policy number.
  • attach to this declaration any police or bailiff’s report, if one has been established.
  • do not discuss damages with third parties involved.


The renter will be required to pay for any damage or theft caused to the vehicle/vessel during the rental period. WATT UP declines any responsibility, including for personal belongings left in the Vehicle/Vessel during and at the end of the rental period. If the cost of the damages is lower than the amount of the deposit, the renter will be refunded the amount of the difference. In case of theft, the renter will be liable for the entire security deposit, which cannot be recovered if the Vehicle/Vessel is found more than 15 days after the complaint has been made.

The vehicle is only insured for the duration of the lease indicated on the contract, after this period and unless the extension is accepted, WHATT UP declines any responsibility for the accidents that the renter might cause and with which he/she will have to deal personally, except to apply the exclusions provided by the law.

In all cases, the renter has the obligation to care for the Vehicle/Vessel and use it diligently in order to prevent the occurrence of shocks to the under-body. Any damage found will be his/her responsibility.

The following remain the renter’s responsibility: the theft of the battery or accessories (seat, tires, wheel, antenna radio, anchor, cooler, wipers, lights, etc.), the loss of the keys (the non restitution of the keys following the theft of the vehicle/vessel will result in the invoicing of its market value).

In case of a breakdown, damage or accident: the renter is required to immediately inform WATT UP, who will give them the procedure to follow. A repair service is available free of charge to the renter following a simple phone call. However, this service will be charged in case of faulty behavior from the renter. If it is found that the breakdown is attributable to the renter, WATT UP reserves the right to withhold the sums paid as security deposit, the amount of which does not constitute a limit of liability to WATT UP, who always retains the right to to bring any claim for compensation for the damage suffered. In case of abandonment, WATT UP has the right to keep the deposit.



In case of a cancellation less than 3 days before picking up the vehicle, no refund will be made. In case of a cancellation prior to 3 days before picking up the vehicle, 100% will be refunded, less €20 in administrative fees. No refund will be made by WATT UP if the rental is not fully used.



Under no circumstances may the renter claim damages, either for a delay in the delivery of the Vehicle/Vessel or for the cancellation of the rental or an immobilization in the event of a breakdown or repair that occurred during the rental period.

In case of bad weather conditions, WATT UP may offer to postpone the rental if an agreement is found before the it starts. No refund will be granted for this reason for the period of use of the vehicle/vessel.



In the event of any dispute relating to this contract and to the extent allowed by the law, the court on which the establishment WATT UP depends shall have sole jurisdiction.