Sustainable mobility in Martinique
Associated with Fun, Conviviality and Escape

The emergence of an awareness in Martinique on the notion of


Martinique is a small jewel that benefits from the many assets that nature has abundantly provided it with. Although the island has not always been a perfect example of nature conservation, the notions of sustainable development and ecological transition, are picking up momentum. With a push from public authorities and citizen and associative initiatives, there is a collective awareness that is moving towards a reflection on finding alternatives.


Our growth models are no longer viable, given the dwindling natural resources of our planet…
Consequently, we need to find new renewable energies.



This observation is fundamental when we talk about transportation and finds all its meaning in the concept of sustainable mobility.


Everyone agrees today that thermal vehicles pollute (especially diesel), are noisy and that their electric counterparts are firmly established as an excellent durable alternative that is kinder to the environment.


The two co-founders of Watt Up! are nature lovers and have been living on their sailboat for a few years, anchored in Marin’s marina. Like many boaters, they are very sensitive to the respect of their environment.

Sustainable development is part of their DNA and they take up the cause for a societary change. But sustainable development must not rhyme with restriction and moroseness. On the contrary, we must associate it with fun and conviviality.

Our two-sided motivation


• Offer vehicles for rent that are 100% electric

• Submit original itineraries, on land or at sea, so that this experience is also an escape from the beaten track.


The concept for Watt Up! comes from a two-sided motivation 

To develop a viable economic and touristic project in Martinique while preserving our values. Indeed, the growth of tourism must in no way damage the natural heritage of the island.



We chose electric mobility, because it is silent, clean and efficient.

We decided to offer a wide range of models of recreational electric vehicles adapted to their use.


A 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler, depending on the distance to be traveled …
a boat without a license to escape at sea, even for the completely uninitiated …


We have also added a grain of fun and adventure by offering custom routes on land and at sea. Whether you are a born adventurer or totally new to the concept, you can count on a mode of transportation that will give you a great FREEDOM in total SAFETY.